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Are you trying to grow spiritually but get overwhelmed by the expectations many devotionals or Bible studies have for its users? It's not just you! Most things created for spiritual growth are made for peopleĀ who aren't in the life stage of raising kids. But what if you could connect with God through easy spiritual practices and other parents and caregivers in the same boat? Look no further. That's what this is.

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The Sacred Ordinary

OurĀ resources are designed to connect to your ordinary days. God is always present (Yes, even when you're folding laundry for the ninth time this week!), and our spiritual practices can be used at any time. Plus, none of them are longer than 300 words!

Connect Your Personal Values to Your Faith

Values guide our choices and help usĀ create meaning as we live. Our values affect our decisions, our relationships, and our understanding of God. Through these resources, we will connect commonly held values to our Christian faith. This will deepen our experiences of God and help us better understand why these values matter so much to us.

No Pressure

We truly believe we'reĀ all doing the best we can. Each week, we will email you three suggested practices (and sometimes the practice is listening to a podcast!) that you can try out. Some weeks, you'll do all three. Some weeks, you'll be happy to remember to breathe. We believe God is present in all of this. Take what you like, and leave the rest. This stuff is truly meant to help you build capacity (Having a spiritual life actually has a lot of mental health benefits!), and if it becomes a burden, it won't build capacity. If a couple of weeks go by and you don't have the space for this, reach out to your church leaders. Their job is to support you, even on "non-spiritual" matters.